Our Mission “Our blueprint towards sustainable fishing will ensure there will still be fish and shellfish to catch for our next generations.”

Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna is just as diverse as the commercially caught species and include Sea Squirts, Sea Fans, Starfish both Common and Spiny, Dead-men's Fingers, Ross Coral, Yellow Hedgehog Sponge, Cup Corals and Sea Slugs; don't be fooled by the name, these are some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea!
Devonshire Cup Coral
(Caryophyllia smithii)

White Dead Men's Fingers, yellow branching sponge, orange Ross Coral (Pentapora foliacea)
Pink Sea Fan with Pink Sea Fan nudibranch (Tritonia nilsodhneri)
From L to R: Pink Sea Fan, Dead Men's Fingers (white), Axinella dissimilis (yellow branching sponge)
From L to R: Pink Sea Fan (Eunicella verrucosa), Dead Men's Fingers (Alcyonium digitatum, white), Ross Coral (Pentapora foliacea, not coral at all but a bryozoan), Dead Men's Fingers with their polyps out feeding
Sea Squirt (Phallusia mammillata)
Pink Sea Fan with squid eggs