Our Mission “The proposed scheme sets out not only to protect the ecosystem of Lyme Bay but also, crucially, to create some value for local fishermen through the process of conservation.”

Schools Outreach Programme

As of 2014 over 89 schools and 5,300 students have engaged with our Schools Outreach Programme!

The Lyme Bay Schools Outreach Programme established in 2014 works with fishing ambassadors to engage young people and local communities with the marine environment and work being done to protect it in Lyme Bay. The Programme has raised awareness among the local communities and wider public of the benefit of conserving the marine environment – not just for the sake of conservation but so that the healthy marine environment can be enjoyed by all and provide a sustainable economic contribution towards the local economy.

Be a part of the growing numbers…

A fascinating session exploring marine biodiversity and sustainable fishing, delivered by experts.

  • Unique opportunity to learn about marine conservation
  • Delivered at your school by experts for FREE!
  • Tailored for all ages
  • Focus on science and geography
  • NEW! Extension resources with literacy and numeracy exercises
  • Can be adapted to suit current learning topics

These sessions are designed to equip students with an understanding of basic marine ecology and how fishing sustainably in Lyme Bay can protect marine species and habitats for future generations.

If you would like to book your FREE SESSION contact Nicky Mitchard, Schools Outreach Coordinator: 

The Lyme Bay Schools Outreach Programme is generously funded by Marks and Spencer.