Our Mission “Understanding the need to balance commercial necessity with the need to protect fragile environments.”

Ray Research

Calling all Recreational Fishers
in Lyme Bay

We are encouraging recreational fishers in Lyme Bay to use our free, downloadable mobile app Epicollect5 to record their ray catches as part of an ongoing study.

The app is designed to be used in the field and will ask a few simple questions including the GPS location, gear type, ray species, size, date and time of catch. This important data will feed into our research investigating the current conservation status of the local ray population within the Lyme Bay Reserve.

How to get involved

There are two ways to send us your data, either via the mobile app or via the website.

1) Via the mobile app

  1. Download Epicollect5 on Android or iPhone app store
  2. Open App
  3. Click '+ Add Project' – Blue Marine Foundation
  4. Select the downloaded project
  5. Select '+ Add entry' to enter ray/skate catch information
  6. When prompted, answer the questions on the screen
  7. Once finished, click "Upload entry"

Please note, all submitted records are publicly accessible via the Epicollect5 website. Please do not submit personal information with your sightings.

2) Via the website

Visit the website to enter the information: EPICOLLECT5

Need some help?

Visit the Epicollect website to learn how to download the project onto your device and collect data online or offline

VISIT website

Thank you for your involvement