Our Mission “Marine Protected Areas need to be managed properly and that's what we are working on here.”

Education Outreach

Since the start in 2014 over 129 schools and 7,400 students have engaged with our Schools Outreach Programme! 

The education programme formally began in 2013, when the Blue Marine Foundation (facilitators of the Lyme Bay Reserve) received funding from the Reta Lila Howard Foundation to support the development of the Lyme Bay ‘Living Landscapes’ education programme. Since early 2014, we have connected young people with the ocean and its inhabitants, while also emphasising the importance of supporting sustainable, small scale fisheries. 

During this timeframe, we have achieved the following: 

  • BLUE’s fishermen ambassadors have engaged with over 7,400 children, focusing on the topics of sustainable fishing, marine litter and marine ecology.  
  • BLUE has visited over 129 schools within the local area, with more than 20% requesting another visit.  
  • Schools have been provided with educational research packs to help reinforce the session topics 

Not only was this initiative hugely successful, but it spurred the creation of BLUE’s global education programme and reinforced the need for local communities to understand the purpose of marine conservation and how it can benefit all stakeholders involved. 

The Education Programme

Our education programme is currently being updated, so please watch this space.  

In the meantime, you can download Lesson Plans and Activity Worksheets from the Education Recourses section.   

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