The Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve is a Marine Reserve in Lyme Bay in which multiple uses such as fishing are allowed as long as none are damaging to the seabed or to nature conservation.

Our mission is to forge links between fishermen, conservationists, regulators and scientists in order to maintain a healthy, productive and sustainable Marine Reserve within the bay. Our vision is to achieve a well-managed Marine Reserve within the bay that will benefit fishermen and conservationists alike.

The Reserve has three wins; to implement best practice in protecting the biodiversity of Lyme Bay, to implement best practice in managing fish and shellfish stocks and in creating long-term benefits for coastal communities around the bay.

Latest News and Events

Dave Sales Obituary - 4th April, 2022

Lyme Bay fisherman Dave Sales obituary by Charles Clover, Co-founder and Executive Director at Blue Marine Foundation...

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Happy #FishFriday - 4th March, 2022

Thinking what to cook up this weekend? Why not go for sustainably sourced shellfish from Lyme Bay Reserve caught aboard the small-scale fishing boat KT-Sam E10 who are...

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